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    How to hack ids and secrets in other pc by Keylogger v3.2


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    How to hack ids and secrets in other pc by Keylogger v3.2

    Post by incriminate on Sat Nov 01, 2014 5:58 pm

    Keylogger v3.2

    Hai friends today am going to share how others hack your ids and secrets. its happening maximum internet browsing center or unwanted program installing in your Pc.

    Whats key logger?

    Its monitoring software each every keyboard moments also if that software running on 1pc when u type password its will record in that software.

    after start monitor u type any in keyboard its will record.

    Its monitor keyboard moments and capture screen short and record what applications u using everything

    ever reports sending to keylogger person mail id.

    So alert in browsing center and don't install unwanted software.

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    Enjoy guys...

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