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    Badbuzz s2a v.3 Server software


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    Badbuzz s2a v.3 Server software Empty Badbuzz s2a v.3 Server software

    Post by incriminate on Sat Nov 01, 2014 5:25 pm

    Badbuzz s2a v.3 Server software

    1. r1/id ta r5/id Add ID to Remoter
    2. del/id Delete ID Remoter
    3. show/master Remoters ID
    4. st/matn Change Status
    5. sau/on Auto Status ON
    6. sau/off Auto Status OFF
    7. sxt/matn(split #) Add Auto Status Text
    8. tst/time(second) Auto Status Time
    9. wlc/matn WLC Text Change
    10. hlp/matn Help Text Change
    11. full/Text Full Text Change
    12. relogin Relogin Tick Active
    13. list Number Of Addlist
    14. online/on Bot is Online Mode
    15. away/on Bot is Away Mode
    16. dnd/on Bot is Busy Mode
    17. max/Number Maximum Child Bot Change
    18. child/reset Child s2a Bot Reset
    19. help/admin Remoter Command List
    20. dc Bot ID is Logout
    21. exit Soft is Exit

    Download here

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